Art Is One Of My “Things”…

I love doing artwork. Not a lot of time for it, though. I’m teaching full-time and taking classes when I’m not.

Struggling a bit with the mobile site admin theme customization. Hence the double “me” widgets on the sidebar.

I’ll fight with that when I can get here on desktop.

I also wish there was a translator widget. I’ll see if I can find code to add Gtranslate from a desktop as well.


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An Old Blog Can – MAYBE – Learn New Tricks…

To be honest, I have barely ever used this blog. I have a boatload of Blogger blogs, and some of those I use fairly often:


*Spell Book* for poetry, which I post to about three or four times a week.

Super Aquarian is one of my favorites, but I only post there every few months.

CHI-Nights is a blog of photography that I did over a couple of decades while working in downtown Chicago.

Midwestern Geek In Cali is the blog for my YouTube channel with tech & ecclectic content.


And here I am out of time for blogging again.


I wish I had more than 7 minutes to spare.



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I almost forgot this blog existed…

You can mostly find me at

I might have to come back here & play, though.


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Moving off Blogger…maybe

Since Blogger is stopping FTP blog publishing support, and I want to use a blog publishing tool as my method of updating my personal domain, I’m looking for an alternative. Hopefully WordPress is it. We shall see.


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